Good evening sir, I would like to see if you learn about the gun I used to be given by my grandmother. I think it’s a Colt from 1864 ish? I am able to mail photos. Thank youHowdy I am sending you some photos of what I think certainly are a rifle through the Civil War it’s a musket tune it’s stamped see you Chapman also has the quantity 14 on … Read More

FEDS are accumulating meta info now In order it can be used to TARGET and eliminate People in america in a later on day. In case of civil war?1 possibility is that they are preparing for that likely hurricanes headed for elements of the United States, but whether the pending emergency is that or a little something a lot more sinister, we’d all do… Read More

July 17, 2014 at three:29 pm By adhering to the orders of the petty, bloviating political whore masquerading as a president, we give legitimacy to his presidency. So what if executive orders situation forth from his lips spontaneously, like vomit from a drunkard? They only have power insomuch as we choose to obey them. A smart sergeant at the time … Read More

A. Indeed. You should buy your get by offline payment simply by following precisely the same technique to get on-line by using a charge card. Nonetheless, instead of finishing the transaction with a charge card on the internet, print your purchasing cart and fax or electronic mail to our Business promptly. Make your Check out or Dollars Buy payable… Read More